Professional Training and Experience

For the past 6 years I have been running a successful dog walking business Woodland Walkies with my husband. I actually started this as a casual venture when I began my Tellington TTouch Practitioner training, however, our conscientious approach soon created a great reputation which very quickly led to it taking on a life of its own.

The experience of working with a wide range of dogs every day and taking them out in groups has been an invaluable learning opportunity.

Watching ‘my dogs’ experience joining the group, socializing, forming relationships with me and each other has taught me a great deal , in particular the subtleties of canine communication and body language.

Ensuring that the group walks are as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for the dogs has meant that I’ve learnt the importance of my role and in particular my emotional state when managing the group. These observations and skills have been very influential in relation to my behavioural work.

I am a Tellington TTouch Companion Animal practitioner

I am a Tellington TTouch Companion Animal practitioner and regularly attend seminars as part of my CPD. My particular area of interest is positive reward based training and I have attended courses and seminars with Ian Dunbar, Grisha Stewart, Brenda Aloff, Suzanne Clothier, Victoria Stillwell and Sarah Fisher.

For the past 5 years alongside my dog walking business I have worked with individuals to resolve behavioural issues.

NLP Master Practitioner

My increasing desire to explore the human half of the dog/human relationship led to train as an NLP Master Practitioner and Coach. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a set of strategies and techniques via which we can clarify our goals, recognise our unconscious emotional blocks and enhance our ability to achieve what we want.

Companion Animal Bereavement Counsellor

Over the years as a family we have had the pleasure of living with a number of animals: dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens. Sadly and inevitably we have also experienced their loss. Each loss taught me that not only was my relationship with each of my animals unique in life but it was also unique in the way I experienced their death. Finding ways to work through my own grief led me to want to be of support to others during such a difficult time. I completed my Diploma in Companion Animal Bereavement Counselling with a Distinction. I am an Associate member of the Animal Care College.


I have always had an interest in self-development and mindfulness techniques which led me to training in the Japanese healing art of Reiki. This interest and training has played a significant role in my work with dogs, as the importance of being able to recognise our emotions and maintain a relaxed and steady mind is crucial if we are to provide the positive support and security necessary for their emotional wellbeing.

Human Animal Relationship Therapy

Human Animal Relationship Therapy (HART) has been developed by me. It provides an effective framework with which we can explore the emotional dynamic between ourselves and our animals.

My Canine Awareness Programme draws upon all of my accumulated knowledge and skills to truly address the whole range of contributory factors which come into play when a behavioural issue is present.