I provide a unique service which honours the profound connection between ourselves and our dogs and is based on the fundamental principle that if we want to create change we have to address our (conscious and unconscious) emotional state.

Understanding your dog

All behaviours are directly linked to an underlying emotional state. For our dogs insecurity, anxiety and stress can be displayed in many different ways from separation anxiety to reactivity towards people or other dogs. When it comes to resolving behavioural issues or improving our relationship emotions play a leading role. Ours and theirs. To bring about a lasting change we have to understand and change the emotions.

Recognising the emotional connection

Our external environment and the manner in which we experience it is a mirror of our internal emotional state. This includes our relationship with our dogs.

Working with our dog to resolve a behavioural issue can be a journey of self discovery which deepens our connection to our dog and also allows us the opportunity to access our own areas of emotional imbalance.

How can I help you?

Drawing on my skills as a Tellington TTouch Trainer and a Master NLP Practitioner, I work with you as an individual, your dog as an individual and address the emotional dynamic that exists between you.

I have developed a unique NLP based coaching method known as HART (Human Animal Relationship Therapy) to help you explore your relationship with your dog and recognise the unconscious interplay. By using simple TTouch Training techniques and increasing your understanding of canine psychology I will show you how to support your dog positively with kindness and respect.

I am a Bach Flower Remedy Practitoner and use these wonderfully gentle but effective remedies to support both you and your dog.

Dog and Human doing high 5!

Emotional State Managment

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