Pet Bereavement Counselling

Time to say goodbye

Sadly, the impact of experiencing the death or loss of a beloved pet can be underestimated and go unacknowledged. There is often an expectation that we should be over our grief and getting on with our life quite quickly. The need for some kind of ceremony to mark the passing is still mainly reserved for humans.

However, for many people the death of an animal can be equally as devastating as the death of a person. In some cases this is apparent at the time but in others we can find it hits us days or even weeks later. The effects of grief can include anger, despair, anxiety and lethargy.

It is natural to want to shy away from uncomfortable feelings and the pain of loss can be something we want to move on from quickly. However, by holding our grief inside and not allowing it the appropriate expression we can find overtime it indirectly effects our lives in other ways. One of these can be our relationship with other pets either those already in the household or new ones we introduce.

Bereavement counselling provides a neutral and supportive space in which an owner can talk through their grief at their own pace and in their own way.

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