Relaxation Skills For Dog Owners (how to stay calm when your dog is stressed).

Emotions and behaviour are directly linked and our dogs are very sensitive to the emotional environment. Often we just tend to notice this retrospectively when reflecting on an issue or conflict that arose with our dogs.

Ideally we want to be able to model for our dogs a calm and resourceful emotional state but at times this can feel almost impossible to achieve: life can be stressful and a walk with our dog isn't always the relaxing opportunity to wind down that we'd hoped for, it's actually just another source of stress, particularly if we have a dog with reactivity or social issues.

This workshop discusses the significance of our emotional state and explores the practical steps we can take to manage how we are feeling and create a sense of calm and positivite control.


This is an introduction to the increasingly popular Tellington TTouch method which can be practised by owners to provide gentle and effective emotional and physical support for their dogs.

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