Emotional State Management

For You

Any significant relationship involves layers of conscious and unconscious emotions. These layers are being built from the moment we meet. Past experiences as well as future expectations all effect how we relate to one another in the present. The relationship we have with our dogs is no exception.

The influence of our emotions cannot be overestimated. The way we feel determines our thoughts and behaviour. Everything from our tone of voice to our body tension, posture and demeanour is determined by our emotional state. To our dog all of this translates as communication.

This can become particularly relevant when a behavioural problem arises. We can feel increasingly worried, afraid, out of control and generally more stressed. Sometimes our reactions are due to unconscious emotional 'buttons' being pressed. Unfortunately, as long as these emotional sensitivities remain in the subconscious we have no control over their influence on our thoughts and behaviours.

Using NLP coaching with HART I will help you to explore these feelings and recognise their significance. Bringing these emotions to the surface of awareness enables us to relate to our dogs more mindfully and to appreciate the subtlties in our communication.

I encourage you to reflect on our sessions and use them to gain a more objective perspective from which to observe how you are feeling as you interact with your dog on a daily basis. These insights will develop self-awareness and can deepen the emotional connection with your dog.

And For Your Dog

Like children, our dogs pick up emotional cues about their environment from us. One of the key ways we can support a dog to feel calm and confident is to provide emotional leadership ( i.e: feel calm and confident ourselves)

Given that this isn't always possible, fortunately there are other ways that we can support our dogs. TTouch is a gentle and effective method based on the principle that posture and physical tension effects the emotions and therefore behaviour. I will teach you simple body work techniques that will enable you to postively effect how your dog feels physically and emotionally.

Behavioural issues are often the result of accumulated stress. The main trigger or issue can be influenced by numerous minor stresses that are less obvious. I will teach you how to recognise the subtler signs of stress in your dog and show you to respond in a supportive and calming manner.

Various aspects of your dog's life will have an impact on their underlying emotional state, from the games you might play with them to the type of collar or harness you use. I will advise you as to how to create the optimum environment in which your dog can feel relaxed and secure.

I use Bach Flower Remedies to support both you and your dog. These individual essences are combined to make a bespoke blend suited to the unique emotional needs of yourself and your dog.